BISON ENGINEERS hosts a team of experienced personnel in solar technology, who ensures
appropriate services from survey to final installations to our clients. We are also official channel
partner to the GUVNL SURYA GUJARAT scheme for residential rooftop systems and are licensed
contractor for commercial projects.
Solar Rooftop systems complement your business / home with simple installation and with out any
major changes to architecture, while at the same time converting sunlight into electricity. With
various modes of assistance now available through Govt. / Banks, such as subsidy and easy loans for
solar plants, it is greatly viable to customers. At the same time, it is cost effective, making return on
investment period very small, while the life of system being more than 25 years.

Residential Installations

Solar Rooftop Power Plant Residential Scheme: India has laid strong focus on development of solar energy infrastructure through out the country & Residential rooftop system tends to be one of the important pillars. Gujarat in one of the leading state in terms of installed systems. In lieu to promote more & more users to join the movement GOG has decided to bring a further 600MW residential rooftop subsidy. Customers are benefitted with a subsidy of 40% upto 3KW system & 20% for 3-10 KW system, thus making a great benefit for user & making the return of investment period as low as 3-4 years. BISON ENGINEERS are official partner to the GUVNL SURYA GUJARAT scheme for residential rooftop systems.
Benefits: – 40% subsidy for system upto 3KW. – 20% subsidy for system from 3-10 KW. – Solar Energy is clean & pollution free, thus it makes you as a contributor to environment. – The system is very robust & has life of about 25 years. – ROI as low as 3-4 years, & your bills are reduced for rest of your life. – All the registration portion is carried out by BISON ENGINEERS, making a turn-key project for customer. – Any size of system is suitable for any size of consumption. Eg. 1KW system can also be used for house with very high consumption like 3-4 AC’s, multiple TV, fans etc. As the system does not directly run the appliances but meters the power back to grid. For further understanding, please refer “Grid tie Solar PV systems with Net Metering”

Documents Required for Registration:
– Latest Electricity bill
– House tax receipt
– Adhar Card
– Two Passport size photographs..

Commercial Installations

BISON ENGINEERS brings highest value to the industrial clients from understanding their application & consumption, to evaluating the available space & working out the optimum system for the user.BISON ENGINEERS leverages it expertise in structure manufacturing to reduce modification in existing structure & thus keep the cost to bare minimum. Grid Tie Solar PV system with Net Metering: – The solar PV system is connected to grid & thus avoids any requirement of battery ( storage device ), thus keep the cost of system to minimum. – The bi-directional meter balances consumption by user (from grid) & generation by the solar PV plant (sent to grid) & thus the net bill is reduced accordingly. Eg. If the consumption is 1000 units & generation is 700 units in a billing cycle, the bill generated is according to 300 units only.
Benefits: – NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT & NO ADDITIONAL BURDEN ( SOFT LOAD Mechanism): The cost of system installation (even if calculated at EMI of 11% soft loan), is lower than the energy bill you pay. Thus, you pay for system instead of energy bill & once the loan is finished in 5-6 years*, the customer is benefited with free energy for about 25 years. – Rates for commercial power is high & is increasing from time to time & the system protects user from rising energy charges. – Maintenance free & easy to install – ROI of 3-6 years* & benefits for further 25 years – System performance can be monitored online, through integrated WiFi – Adds CSR value to the organization

How BISON ENGINEERS make it easy for customers ?
– Liaising for registration & permission from GEDA & other nodal agencies
– Liaising with bank & other institutes for soft loans.

Solar Water Heater

BISON ENGINEERS provides premium quality, advanced tech solar water heater.
With India endowed for 320+ days of clear sun light, the solar water heater is all set to provide you
perfectly hot water all year. Water heater supplied by us is meant to operate and perform efficiently
in various quality / salinity of water, thus it continues to provide hot water for long time without
The tank are coated on inside & outside for longer life & high durability. Also these are well insulated
to keep water hot for 24 hours.


– Return on investment time for 2-3 years*.
– Keeps water hot for 24 hours
– Saves money, by avoiding use of gas/electricity is thus eco-friendly
– Is safe compared to electric/gas heaters
– 5 years warranty
– Available in various capacity of 100-500 LPD.

3 kw rooftop solar power plant - vadodara
4kw solar rooftop plant-vadodara
9kw rooftop solar power plant vapi/valsad
20 kw rooftop solar power plant - commercial application
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" I was considering to install rooftop solar from 2018 but got late in making decision and finally I got my 3.3Kwp system installed from Bison Engineers in 2019 and we are satisfied with the overall performance of the system and the service. In past 4 months our Bill have been reduced to 0, and surplus units are credited. I suggest everyone to opt for solar."
Laxmikant Pandya
“ We had placed and order to BISON ENGINEERS for the subsidised scheme of Rooftop solar system, and they put across the project at minimum cost compared to other offer. I was also pretty impressed with the quality of work they have carried, considering the quality of panels, inverter & GI structure they used. At present, my bill is almost nill & had no maintenance as of now.
Manubhai Patel

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