Steel Structures

We manufacture various types of steel structure including Pre-engineered Building (PEB), Conventional structures, Pre- Fabricated conventional structures etc. We have in house design capabilities & can tender structure design based on clients requirements.
We have wide experience working in petroleum industry, process industries, chemical plants & food industry across western India.
Bison Engineers also cater clients by undertaking mechanical projects including piping, pipe rack manufacturing, equipment erections projects etc.

Roofing Accessories & Solar Structures

Standard Purlin Sections C & Z Sections: YS 245 MPa & 345 Mpa
Purlins are generally available from 100 mm to 300 mm Height & 45 mm to 75 mm width in various section thickness with downturn lips.
Purlins are usually manufactured as per assembly drawings and mounting holes are punched at pre-desired location on flange or web. This saves assembly time & facilitates quick erection of structures at site

Roofing Sheet

Roofing Accessories

Solar Structures

Our Module Mounting Solution For Ground Solar Power Plant is valued for its high standards, high quality, and short construction period. We Provide High Quality, Optimum designed Solar Structures for applications throughout India.

Pipe Rack, Piping & Other Mechical Projects

Pipe Rack & Piping Projects
We undertake various mechanical projects such as:

Storage Tanks & Vessels

Bison Engineers have grown its Projects division and have been successfully undertaking various site based projects of Fabrication & erection of Oil Storage tanks.
Bison Engineers also manufactures stainless steel and carbon steel tanks for other applications based on clients requirement.

Thermal Insulation

Piping plays a critical role in many industrial process in chemical and petrochemical installations, as it connects various vessels, boilers etc, Thus facilitating movement of material and energy. At certain process, the temperature of material carried plays a critical role in performance/efficiencies of plant. Thus a good insulation plays a passive yet critical role in plants performance.

Renewable Products & Services

We design and integrate solutions that cut across all levels of energy demand, ranging from small households to commercial and industrial consumers, and utility scale projects.
A Solar Rooftop system typically consists of solar modules. Solar Inverters various electrical components such as cables, switchgears, meters etc. with a primary aim to subdue power consumption totally or partially, while exporting surplus electricity generated to the grid & receiving credit against it, based on prevailing norms, Apart from saving energy bills, Solar Rooftop systems are considered amongst the most reliable power sources due to various reasons.

Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant

With growing demand of Power & increasing cost of conventional power sources, solar power has proved to be an ideal alternative for power needs of Industries with charges being as low as 75-80% of conventional power.
Factories are now planning their energy needs through solar power, by installing Solar Power Plants at viable location (not necessarily nearby the factory location) & the power generated is Set-off against power utilized from Grid, via Discom.

BIPV: Building Integrated Photo-Voltaics

Bison Engineers is amongst few innovative organizations that has started implementing BIPV amongst our projects. BIPV allows a mix of utility & architectural brilliance to be combined, allowing user to generate energy without disturbing the aesthetics or other functionalities

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